emotional heat

by Juliana McCarthy 

July 1, 2017 — As Cancer the Crab leads us into July, we may first feel the tenderness of his watery realms—of intimacy, sentimentality, and safety. But soon, we find our cozy shells incinerated, leaving us raw, impetuous and volatile. For romantic relationships, this could fair well, bringing passion and exciting friction between the masculine and feminine—between physicality and emotionality, assertiveness and receptivity. However, other areas of life could feel much more treacherous. The Fire of Mars and Pluto and the Water of Cancer are at odds, and as Uranus makes his rounds, we can expect thunder, shocking revelations, and the discomfort of gritted teeth. In many ways, we are laying the groundwork for Eclipse Season, which arrives next month. We are diving deep into our feelings, discovering our innermost security—separate from external rules, voices, or barometers of success. True safety is internal. We only have to relax and allow ourselves to feel the full spectrum of emotions.

July Transits

On July 1, Chiron stations retrograde, drawing old wounds to the surface for the sake of healing. Dredging up our painful past, we are learning to open our hearts and face our deep pain. Loving ourselves is liberation, and the question is: How can we make friends with ourselves, just as we are—even the parts that seem insane, unworthy, or bitter? How can we embrace ourselves fully, without the need to fix or judge? As we face our shameful corners and trust ourselves more deeply, we will likely discover that even our mistakes come from basic goodness, however confused or misguided they seem in retrospect. As we forgive ourselves, we will touch into our vast stores of empathy and the ability to hold space for others as they heal themselves.

The next day, on July 2, Mars opposes Pluto, provoking our passions and igniting our desires. Nothing will stand in the way of what we want. Anger, explosiveness, and violence are possible now. Mars is in defensive Cancer, which could manifest as passive aggression or moody outbursts. Finding outlets for this overwhelming energy is vital. We could pour ourselves into physical activities or projects that need finishing. We will be able to burst open doors and deftly remove obstacles, and we may as well take advantage. The key is to remember that powerful emotions are nothing to fear—anger and brashness are keys to defying stagnation and discovering our authentic selves.

Mercury squares erratic Uranus on July 4, on the same day that Venus moves into social Gemini. These two transits could strike us with unexpected information. We could continue to experience shock and revelation in the news or on social media. With friends, we could feel quite chatty, inspired, or even crazed as our conversations take on an electric charge. Ultimately, we are learning to become more engaging, truthful, and genuine in our exchanges, speaking our minds with courage and with ease.

A Full Moon in Capricorn arrives on July 8—the most intense Full Moon of the year, forming a tight conjunction with volcanic Pluto. Passive aggression is still mounting, and the overall energy could feel stressful and strained. Capricorn rules history, and we may be reviewing the past, becoming stronger from knowledge of what came before.

With the feminine Moon in the sign of the Father, and the masculine Sun in the sign of the mother, we may find these flipped polarities fighting for control. Whether we identify as male or female, neither, or both, we are making great strides in bridging and merging the two energies in more balanced, harmonious ways. Whether we fight it or not, the key influences leading our future are inclusion, care, and compassion. The patriarchy can squirm or aggressively reassert itself, but feminine powers are strengthening. Abuses of authority will no longer fly, especially after the Solar Eclipse next month, which stands to rectify imbalances of power.

Mid-month, we could feel pulled by our intuition and imagination as Mars forms an exact square with Uranus while Venus squares Neptune. Spirituality and creativity are the best outlets for these esoteric influences. Otherwise, we could feel foggy or confused. Grounding to the earth and looking up to the sky, we could take some space from our agitation and connect with big mind. How do our lives and worlds change when we touch vastness and profundity? As we continue facing upheaval and uncertainty, we could allow this perspective to permeate all that we do.

The Sun moves into Leo on July 22, eliciting playfulness and creativity. The New Moon in Leo arrives the very next day. Like the Full Moon, it is aligned with Mars, and we could feel our sauciness and hot tempers exacerbated once more. However, this Moon has stepped out of Cancer’s shell, and we can now find creative and dramatic means of expressing our discontent.

Two New Moons fall in Leo this year. The second one will be the Solar Eclipse next month. Because of this, July's Leo New Moon is setting the tone for Eclipse Season. Falling at the magical point of zero-degrees Leo, now is the time to set clear intentions for the future, which will have a broad-reaching impact. It would serve us to consider: What do we enjoy most? How can we powerfully bring our talents to the world in more meaningful ways? Collectively, we may ask: Where are the imbalances of power? How can we apply our imaginations to rectifying systemic problems? Manifestation energies are palpable, and we might as well ask for exactly what we want.

july Summary

July is a passionate and volatile month, blasting us with steam. The elements of Fire and Water are mixing, creating uncomfortable heat. Like children who’ve been swimming for too long, we could feel waterlogged, red, and moody. But the purpose of this month's transits is to encourage us to love ourselves more and to find deeper security in who we are. Uranus beckons us to become more honest and authentic, while the most intense Full Moon of the year, on July 9, elicits our combustibility and anger, pushing us into fortitude and action. As Leo takes over the North Node, Sun, and Mercury, now is the time to rally our hearts and imaginations, to bring our talents to the world in more meaningful ways. The New Moon on July 22 foreshadows next month’s Solar Eclipse, providing an epic opportunity. Falling at zero-degrees Leo, the point of the magician, our dreams stand to blossom into epic fruition. How do we want our long-term future to look, both personally and collectively? Pluto is removing obstacles, Cancer is connecting us with vulnerability, and Leo, as always, is tilting our heads toward the joyful Sun. 

With inspiration, heart, and fearless compassion, may we uproot the past and heal. Bright and fully bloomed, may we allow ourselves to be, just as we are—expressions of true freedom.

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