the light and the dark

by Juliana McCarthy

May 25, 2017 — Today's New Moon Supermoon in Gemini presents a paradox, mixing the light-heartedness and impishness of Gemini with the darker, more vengeful energies of Lilith. Forming an opposition to the Gemini Sun and Moon, dark Lilith is pointing her poisoned arrows at the mercurial twins. The key now is to harness Gemini's intelligence and curiosity, examining our own twisted feelings without falling into victimhood or blame.

With honesty, intelligence, and good humor, we can acknowledge our thornier states of being—the duplicity, contempt, or bitterness, which may be lurking beneath the surface. How can we relate to these with love and neutrality? How can we become better integrated while avoiding projection?

This New Moon provides the chance to step into deeper self-awareness. Wiser and more mature, dignified and more relaxed, we can release grudges and begin a new phase of powerful, clear communication. We can channel Gemini's objectivity, looking in the mirror, better understanding human complexity and darkness.

From there, we will enter the world embodying our truer selves—sophisticated, compassionate, and aware. Merging the light with the dark, we will recognize our interdependence. Light or dark, me or you—the dualities lose their grip, blending together like lake and sky.

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