expressing our authenticity

by Juliana McCarthy

 Max Ernst

Max Ernst

December 13, 2016 — Today's Gemini Full Moon Supermoon shines light on issues of authentic communication and the expression of our truest selves. To do this, the planets are helping us form new communities that understand and nurture who we really are—without judgment. We are discovering our tribes, paving the way for a future society that reflects true freedom and interconnection.

Saturn, planet of karma and solidification, is conjunct the Sun while opposing this Full Moon. Simultaneously, Saturn is forming a trine with Uranus—planet of revolution, authenticity, and coming together. This is helping us to solidify the massive changes underway. It is supporting us in building new structures, while providing ground as we face shock and revolution.

The stabilizing energy of this Saturn trine is particularly helpful during a combustible T-Square between Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto. This is pushing us to break free of outmoded patterns and fears, so we can experience rebirth, individually and collectively. As the Gemini Full Moon forms angles to these planets, we are learning how to communicate more effectively and genuinely while releasing old insecurities and fearful abidance to social expectations. Why be anything other than who we are? Why hold back from our truth? Now is the time for revolution and upheaval so we can begin again on footing that aligns with our deepest hearts. We are starting with these Uranian jolts of shock and change so we can connect more deeply with one another. We are joining forces in blazing new trails, while rebelling against any oppression holding us back.

With a Grand Trine between Jupiter, Mars, and the Moon, we are beautifully supported in gentle warriorship now, beginning with ourselves, our personal freedom, and our fullest expression, and continuing with society. Together, we are creating a future that supports humanity and oneness, as we uphold unwavering authenticity, with strength and loving conviction.

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