February 2017 NEWSLETTER

Welcome to insane, apocalyptic February! I hope everyone is finding ground and taking good care of their hearts during these wilder times. We are riding some serious Plutonian and Uranian waves of chaos and unpredictability! Fortunately, these energies also have the potential for positive revolution, change, and rebirth—both personally and collectively. As always, it is up to us how to work them. You can read more about this month in my latest article on February's Astrology, and about the rest of this fiery year in The Astrology of 2017

My Schedule

I'd love to read your chart to find out how the planets are affecting you personally. I mostly work via Skype, but if you'd like to book a reading in person, here is my travel schedule:

Boulder: February 5-February 14
NYC: February 15-February 25
Los Angeles: March 12-20

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February Summary

With Aquarius ruling, the energies of revolution and unpredictability are heightened. We are in the midst of powerful changes, with a slow-moving T-Square in effect, bringing about destruction for the sake of rebirth. People are coming together more empowered, ready to fight for unity and compassion—which is hopeful, despite widespread shock and panic. With a new paradigm set to begin in 2020, old ways are collapsing. Out of fear, some are clamoring to save outmoded structures that will inevitably dissolve. But however these planetary energies transpire, and however long it takes, the ultimate lesson is to forgive, unify, and transcend. This month and year are a pivot point. We are standing strong, joining together to bring heaven to earth and create a society that reflects the ultimate realm—where nothing is solid, where we inhabit a space of oneness beyond good or bad, me or you, and where misconceptions burst open, instantly forgiven.

In the stillness of winter, may we feel our hearts’ true freedom—indestructible and perfect. May we remember to connect with earth—the snow-dusted trees, roaring oceans, broken pinecones, friends with broken hearts—discovering our own awake mind, if we can only stop to see.

Read the rest of my article on The Astrology of February here.

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