THE ASTROLOGY OF february 2017:
revelation and revolution

by Juliana McCarthy


As we stare down the barrel of February 2017, fear may swell to the surface as the world bursts with unpredictability and uncertainty. Aquarius is in command, sign of revolution and chaos. At the same time, a slow-moving T-Square is pointing to Pluto, planet of death, destruction, and rebirth. While intensity is palpable, we might stop to consider the virtues of Aquarius. The Water Bearer represents chaos and surprise but also the pinnacle of freedom and human accomplishment. Infusing society with electricity and creative genius, Aquarius shocks us out of stagnation so he can guide us toward the future. If we continue to work together and harness this dynamic energy—empowering the collective (Uranus in Aries) from a place of love (Jupiter in Libra)—we can actually initiate a positive revolution.

But first we must confront the darkness. And as activist Valarie Kaur said this week, “What if this is not the darkness of the tomb, but of the womb?” Pluto is ultimately regenerative, and while we are experiencing the first phase of destruction, it will inevitably lead to rebirth. The real lesson here is to transcend fear, to keep our hearts open no matter what, and to demonstrate that that love is the foundation of enlightened society—a force far more powerful than small mind and the misconception that we are separate. Revelation is possible now. If we can relax and develop awareness, we will see that hatred and divisiveness are simply products of fear. From here, we can truly create a society reflective of enlightened Aquarius—one that is inclusive, united, and transcendent.

Venus in Aries

Setting the scene, Venus moves into Aries at the start of the month, helping us out of our Piscean confusion so we can charge forward as leaders of tolerance and kindness. Self-love is essential now. With tidal waves of change underway, we can remain stable by anchoring to autonomy and self-care.

Jupiter Stations Retrograde

A few days later, Jupiter stations retrograde on February 6, pausing our epic T-Square while allowing Jupiter’s light to shine inward. We can now focus on inner harmony and our relationships to self and loved ones. With Jupiter opposing Uranus, self-work will directly impact our ability to mobilize as a collective and to create beneficial change. This is a much-needed respite from explosiveness and unpredictability, so we can reassess our goals and determine how we would like to direct our collective energy.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo occurs on February 10, bringing about a crescendo of emotional energies. The first of a series of eclipses along the Leo-Aquarius axis, this Full Moon sets the tone for the rest of the year. Quite beautifully, the Moon forms a harmonious Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus, stabilizing chaos, bringing creativity and genius into fruition, and supporting us in organizing our revolts more systematically. Forming part of a Yod that points toward Chiron, this Eclipse may irritate old wounds in order for us to heal—particularly wounds around authority and talents. We now have a year and a half to focus on issues around leadership (Leo) and the collective (Aquarius), and how we can bring our talents (Leo) to the world for the benefit of humanity (Aquarius). If harnessed well, we could make great strides in celebrating life and our gifts while liberating ourselves from all types of limitations—even authoritarianism.

Valentine's Day

On February 14, Jupiter forms a perfect quincunx with Chiron, eliciting deep-seated pain and wounding around religion and belief systems. With Chiron in Pisces, we must look for ways to forgive ourselves and each other, unearthing common ground and mutual understanding. Each of us has the capacity for incredible purity, as well as bigotry and misconceptions. The more we can recognize ourselves in each other, the more we will be able to heal. As the Sun enters Pisces on February 18, the sign of universal love emphasizes our potential for forgiveness.

Mars Square Pluto

The dreaminess of Pisces is interrupted a few days later when Mars squares Pluto on February 22, lighting up the T-Square. Violence and fighting could erupt (Mars in Aries), particularly around issues of power, control, and government (Pluto in Capricorn). Our lessons around self-love and inner harmony will help us as we face this epic cycle of death and rebirth. If we can ride these waves and move through them with grace, we will be able to establish a much more tolerant world and society. But first, we must don spiritual armor, fighting for compassion for the benefit of all.

New Moon Solar Eclipse

We end the month with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26—the final eclipse along the Pisces-Virgo axis after a year and a half of purification and hard work. The Eclipse conjuncts Neptune, bursting illusions and addictions, while helping to restore spiritual justice. Simultaneously, Mars conjuncts Uranus while opposing Jupiter, triggering massive awakening. Any imbalances of power have the chance to be rectified now. In fact, traditionally, Solar Eclipses represented the falling of the king. If we continue to fight as a collective from a place of compassion, the planets could assist us in healing and restoring balance to government and society.

February Summary

With Aquarius ruling, the energies of revolution and unpredictability are heightened. We are in the midst of powerful changes, as a slow-moving T-Square brings destruction for the sake of rebirth. People are coming together more empowered, ready to fight for unity and compassion—which is hopeful, despite widespread shock and panic. With a new paradigm set to begin in 2020, old ways are collapsing. Out of fear, some of us are clamoring to save outmoded structures that will inevitably dissolve. But however these planetary energies transpire, and however long it takes, the ultimate lesson is to forgive, unify, and transcend. This month and year are a pivot point. We are standing strong, joining together to bring heaven to earth and create a society that reflects the ultimate realm—where we embody unconditional love and misconceptions burst open, instantly forgiven.

In the stillness of winter, may we feel our hearts’ true freedom—indestructible and perfect. May we remember to connect with earth—the snow-dusted trees, roaring oceans, broken pinecones, friends with broken hearts—discovering our own awake minds, if we can only stop to see.

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