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The month of December is ruled by Sagittarius, the centaur—seeker of truth, sign of idealism and adventure. Half human, half horse, the centaur loves bounding to faraway places, both in the world and in his mind. His bow and arrow point to the horizon, as he shoots toward freedom and possibility. As we face planetary shock, chaos, and uncertainty, what better timing for Sagittarius to inspire us, expanding our hearts with courage and optimism? Deception is continuing to unravel this month, exposing hidden truths, while unhealthy relationships, old beliefs, and stifling aspects of ego are falling away. Meanwhile, we are giving birth to new beginnings, which are rooted in genuineness and compassion. Like the first blanket of snow, we are joining together, establishing common ground with more and more people, as we discover a shared dedication to basic goodness, no matter our systems of belief.

We begin the month with Chiron stationing direct at the same time that Saturn is squaring Neptune. Old wounds are reemerging, presenting us with a choice: We can either face reality full on, acknowledging our pain, or we can slide into escapism, addictions, and other patterns of avoidance. If we are able to open to our wounding—touching into the places where we’ve been hurt—break-through is possible. Finally, we could find a way to forgive ourselves and others, as we dissolve a little further into understanding that there is no such thing as friend and enemy—that good and evil exists within every human heart. This kind of inner work is imperative to the ideological healing now underway.

With Venus moving into Capricorn on December 2, just after a Venus-Pluto conjunction, we are having serious conversations with partners, friends, colleagues, and ourselves. If we have been unable to face certain truths, or some fundamental understanding, now is the time to address these. Communication intensifies and transforms, as we establish fresh ways of relating with each other. We are setting boundaries, and walking away from toxic friendships, as we simultaneously commit to new people who inspire us to open our hearts­.

A Full Moon Supermoon arrives in Gemini on December 14, forming two Grand Configurations: a Mystic Rectangle and a Grand Trine. Combustibility is possible now, as we feel the tension between self and other, intellect and heart. With Uranus and Saturn activated, we can break out of old paradigms with sudden force. All the while, the supportive Grand Trine between Mars, the Moon, and Jupiter emboldens our emotional and feminine sides, showing us how to be gentle warriors. We are learning to fight peacefully for what we believe in, with an unwavering commitment to humanity and Mother Earth.

For most of December, Mars is in Aquarius, while Uranus is in Aries—a mutual reception, as each planet falls in the other’s ruler, helping us to undo oppressive powers. With Uranus forming angles to Saturn and Jupiter at the end of the month, the energy of revolution is at once becoming more serious and expansive. Thunder cracks as we experience more shock and upset, while we continue breaking free from old paradigms, both internally and in the world. If we can relax with these currents of energy, spiritual awakening is possible now, as powerful energies and events blast through our complacency.

December ends with a Capricorn New Moon on December 29, while a significant T-Square forms with Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto. This T-Square points to destruction, rebirth, and changing tides of power, while the Capricorn New Moon helps to solidify our way forward. Here we end the month and year with a bang that is also a new beginning. We have officially entered a period of unraveling before Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter join together in 2020, establishing the long-awaited new paradigm. All efforts we make now are paving the way.

Looking back, the year 2016 has been one of both explosiveness and purification. As we forge ahead this month, beginning to blaze the trail for future generations, Sagittarius is in the background, keeping us afloat with buoyancy and optimism. He is helping us to expand as individuals and society, while pointing us to the vast stores of wisdom within each of us, binding us together. As we wake up to this understanding of interconnection, we can become much-needed leaders in the world, who demonstrate our dedication to unconditional love and inclusion, which begins with ourselves.

December Summary

As we enter the month of Sagittarius and the start of winter, shadows of trees’ skeletons are dancing beneath us. We may find greater comfort in looking up to the sky—to the broader framework for all that is unfolding. With major angles forming to Uranus from the planets of expansion and destruction, revolution strikes like lightning, stripping away toxic patterns, structures, and relationships, as we make room for justice and love for all beings. With male and female planets working together in harmony, we are recalibrating the balances of power, bringing subtlety and softness to roles of leadership. Like the water protectors at the Dakota Access Pipeline, we are collectively becoming peaceful protestors, defending the earth and those who are oppressed, from a ground of compassion and the acknowledgement of spirit. We can forgive ourselves and each other, while never sacrificing our ideals or clarity of purpose.

With self-generating compassion, as warm as the bobcat’s fur, may we protect ourselves. May we remain unflinching in our truth and deepest wisdom, strong and still, like the slumbering bear. May we become tender warriors, learning to love ourselves and others, courageously and freely.

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