becoming autonomous

by Juliana McCarthy

December 28, 2016 — Today's New Moon in Capricorn brings this wild and challenging year to a close, while offering glimmers of hope as we step into the New Year. With Capricorn ruling, we are slowing down and engaging in solitude and careful reflection before setting our intentions. At the same time, we are learning to establish boundaries and release addictions, while discovering our autonomy and power.

With Neptune and Mars conjunct the South Node, and Mercury Retrograde conjunct the Moon, we may be feeling unhealthy patterns reignited, triggering our irritation. Mars is jolting us out of complacency, stirring our anger around feeling victimized—by loved ones, our government, and society. This might not be playing out very neatly. Fights could be erupting, or we could feel guilty about how we've been handling our triggers. But luckily, anger is where boundaries come from, and with Capricorn in command, we are becoming more empowered as we heal and develop self-awareness—while also finding clarity on how to move forward.

With this stronger sense of personal power and self-sufficiency, we are no longer falling prey to apathy or herd mentality. Pluto is moving through Capricorn, and Saturn through Sagittarius, so old structures and philosophies are falling away as we discover our own systems of belief—ones that are more aligned with truth and authenticity. The beauty of all of this is that we are finally accepting that no one will save us. It is time to take responsibility for ourselves in order to create the world we want to live in. We are clarifying what we want, and the planets are supporting us now as we make efforts toward achieving our true goals.

In fact, anything is possible this year. Surprise and sudden change continue to be inevitable as Jupiter, planet of expansion, opposes Uranus, planet of shock, exaggerating unpredictability. With all of this surprise and sudden change, it is more essential than ever to accept Capricorn and Saturn's help in grounding, healing, and finding center. We are developing wisdom and pragmatism, while clarifying what we believe in, apart from social pressure. In doing so, we are rediscovering our power, so we can work together to create a new paradigm—one that is more aligned with truth, our authentic hearts, and respect for all beings.

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