capricon full MOON:
passion + erraticism

by Juliana McCarthy

 Pluto kidnapping Persephone, by  Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Pluto kidnapping Persephone, by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

July 8, 2017 — Tonight’s Capricorn Full Moon is the most extreme of the year, forming a tight conjunction with volcanic Pluto—beckoning us to surrender. The energies have been amplifying for a week, ever since Pluto began opposing Mars and the Sun, igniting our passion and aggression. With the Moon triggering such agitation, we could feel on edge, frustrations mounting.

Jupiter in Libra is forming a square to the Moon in Capricorn, and we are feeling pulled by anger and ambition on one hand, laziness and longing for home on the other. We could be craving alone time—a day of staying in bed, indulging, or spending time in nature—while simultaneously wanting to kick down walls and fight for what we want. In relationships, we may notice ourselves undulating between passionate yearning and erratic contention.

How exhausting!

The best way to handle this Full Moon may be to lay low, to find safety in allowing the moonlight to shine on whatever darkness we’ve kept hidden. We can peer honestly at family patterns, throwing our triggers to the fires of Pluto's shamanic transformation. With Chiron in retrograde now, our work is to root out childhood wounds for the purpose of healing.

If fighting and passions erupt, know that they’re here to help us transform, to push us to make necessary changes—in ourselves, our personal lives, and society. We can begin by calling on our inner strength and security, so we can face challenging emotions, seeing them as catalysts to finally building the lives that we want. After all, the North Node in Leo is still forming a Grand Trine with Uranus and Saturn. This summer, we are reining in the chaos from the past eight months, planting practical seeds for our long-term future. We are purifying our intentions and souls, making space for our future selves and a new paradigm.

Where do we fit in to all of this? How will the future look? How can we become more organized in accomplishing our lofty goals in ways that are meaningful, pleasurable, and full of heart?

If we embrace these questions and engage our inner work, we will be amply prepared for next month’s Eclipse Season. The Lunar and Solar Eclipses are set to reveal whatever we’ve been scared to see, to rectify imbalances of power, and to make certain that karma ripens and truth prevails.

On this powerful Full Moon, may we take good care of ourselves, embracing our fear, loving ourselves and each other. Calling on the Mountain Goat, may we build the future we want with integrity and heart—one step at a time.

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