drawing loved ones close

by Juliana McCarthy

 Robert Frank

Robert Frank

June 23, 2017 — Friday's Cancer New Moon is calling for a fresh start around home life, friendships, and security. With four planets in the sign of the sensitive Crab, we have shifted from chatty Gemini into a period of increased emotional depth. Forming a challenging angle to Chiron, this Moon may elicit pain around not belonging or feeling disconnected from friends and family. Examining our family bonds and histories may help us to heal as we begin a new cycle of relating to our emotions and sensitivity. In fact, the vulnerability that arises now could be the missing link that allows for more meaningful connections.

Filled with Cancer’s tenderness and nostalgia, now is the time to ask ourselves who we want to keep close. We might feel the urge to nest, to eat comforting food, or to tell each other, “I love you.” We could take this opportunity to reach out to old friends and express how much they’ve meant to us. Maybe we decide to have children, or to move closer to loved ones.

Whatever our path, we are experiencing a powerful rebirth around intimacy and home life. With the New Moon forming a T-Square with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, we might feel pulled between career and private life. With Jupiter in Libra, the answer is love—expanding through relationships and experiencing joy and humor with friends and family. We are starting new chapters that begin with creating solid infrastructure for our close-knit circles. From there, we can expand into the world—with more safety, security, and fulfillment.

On this Cancer New Moon, may we feel the vulnerability of our tender hearts, opening like lilies. May we draw our loved ones close, with mutual goodness and profundity.

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