by Juliana McCarthy

January 12, 2017—Today's Full Moon in watery, maternal Cancer is the first and most powerful Full Moon of 2017, bringing about deep emotionality while highlighting the path of self-care. At the same time, the Moon is forming a Grand Cross with the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus, pulling us in many directions. Our deepest feelings and empathy are swelling to the surface as we experience anxiety, heartbreak, tension, and frustration.

With this Grand Cross in effect, going with the flow could feel challenging. Work, social constructs, logical discourse, and all of our responsibilities might be weighing us down, impeding vulnerability and emotional expression. On the other hand, we could feel overcome by emotion, unable to engage in work. But the dams are ready to break, and the best way forward is to nurture ourselves—allowing ourselves simply to cry, procrastinate, take warm baths, and eat good meals.

Fortunately, multiple planets are in Pisces, placing us in the cradle of unconditional love and safety. As we pull apart and feel our wounds and sense of overwhelm, we can remember that we are ok exactly as we are. Understanding our lovability and worthiness, we are striking a balance—learning to self-nurture and appreciate ourselves, so we can contribute to the world from a place of emotional sensitivity and forgiveness.

This is our foundation. Clearing self-doubt and criticality, healing wounds, and allowing our emotions to live without restraint, we are establishing solid ground so we can face volatility and begin building a society based on genuineness, emotional depth, and compassion.

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