aries NEW MOON:
A reflective pause

by Juliana McCarthy

 Lady Midnight by Christian Schloe

Lady Midnight by Christian Schloe

March 27, 2017 — Today’s New Moon in Aries represents a leap into a new chapter, providing the chance to set clear intentions for a fresh start. Multiple planets are in Aries, representing raw, impetuous masculinity and initiative. We may be feeling antsy, ready to launch into new projects and phases. But with Venus in Retrograde, the planet of love is slowing us down, encouraging us to reconsider old relationships, friendships, and creative endeavors. The beauty of this hiccup is that we now have the opportunity to build our future on previous wisdom.

Which old lessons are worth remembering? What friendships and projects have unfinished business? How can we carry what we've learned onto new paths?

As Venus and Aries dance awkwardly, we are considering how to relate to each other better so we can harness the rigor of the Ram and set out on novel yet thoughtful footing—blazing trails into a revolutionary next stage. We are facing ourselves, joining together to create more harmonious, inclusive communities and friend groups, while clarifying our will, goals, and boundaries.

Energized by Aries and the start of spring, may we learn to care for one another more deeply while recognizing that we are doing the best that we can—imperfect, complex beings yearning to love and be loved. As we set intentions for this New Moon, may we consider the welfare of others, harnessing the power of Aries in this epic opportunity to begin again.

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