aquarius NEW MOON:
creating inner security

by Juliana McCarthy

January 27, 2017 — With today’s New Moon in Aquarius, we are planting some major seeds on a humanitarian scale. We continue to face an epic T-Square, which is bringing about drastic change, upheaval, and revolution. However, today the planets are asking us to pause from global turmoil to work on a more personal level. With Venus squaring Saturn, we have to contend with some limiting energy arising right now. We may be feeling financial strains, creative blocks, or pain around our self-worth, loneliness, and relationships. At the same time, this is an opportunity feel the strength of our aloneness and to face our fears from a place of dignity and self-love.

What do we feel when we contemplate the innermost part of ourselves that is indestructible and unchangeable? What happens to our thoughts when we strengthen our spines and relax? A sense of inner peace is available to us always, no matter the external circumstances. Today’s limitations are helping us to remember this—to pull in from the world’s crises to check in with our hearts. In facing a fiery year of unpredictability and unrest, we can slow down and find center so that the winds of change can't rock our deepest sense of security.

From here, we can look ahead to how we would like to revolutionize the status quo. The peaceful women’s march last week was a prime example of the enlightened potential of this year’s T-Square, which is empowering the collective (Uranus in Aries) to destroy and recreate the current paradigms (Pluto in Capricorn) from a place of love (Jupiter in Libra). With more marches coming up, we can continue to band together and fight for a compassionate society. As we do so, a group of planets in Pisces is reminding us that we are all the same—each of us capable of opening and closing our hearts, of practicing hypocrisy and fundamentalism, as well as unconditional love.

Forging ahead into the Aquarian future, we could stop to forgive ourselves periodically and recognize where we’ve stiffened our hearts or started to believe that someone is inherently bad. The more we recognize each other’s intelligence and basic goodness, never giving up on anyone, the better our groundwork will be for achieving the ultimate Aquarian purpose—creating enlightened society.

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