April 2017 newsletter
Juliana McCarthy

Happy April! This month, we are preparing for a big shift. The Nodes of the Moon will finally move into Leo and Aquarius in May, marking a new era of playfulness. In the meantime, April is full of retrogrades, encouraging reflection on the past before we launch into new projects and relationships. With Saturn conjunct the Galactic Center, now is the time for whatever heartbreak or wounding that remains in our hearts to arise so we can finally resolve it. Read more about the Astrology of April in my latest article.



I'll be in Boulder for most of April, working via Skype. I'll return to NYC at the end of the month. Send me a message if you'd like to book in person or via Skype.



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  • $30 chart summaries if you've had a reading with me, $50 if you haven't (these are shorter than Written Reports)



In this pivotal month, we are taking the time to reflect as four planets retrograde, encouraging us to review and release old heartbreak, karma, and illusions. As Venus stations direct, it will help us move forward with lighter hearts and increased compassion. Next month marks a shift of the Moon’s Nodes into Leo and Aquarius, ending a period of hard work and purification so we can bring our talents to the world in meaningful ways. With Jupiter and Pluto in an exact square, these are truly transformational times. If we can find the courage to leap into the fire, donning spiritual armor, bravely facing uncertainty and intensity, massive rewards are waiting for us. All we have to do is say yes.

Read the rest of my article on The Astrology of April here.

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