looking before we leap

by Juliana McCarthy 

April 1, 2017 — Aries the Ram is in command of April, charging us forward valiantly. Colorful shoots are rising from the mulch, as planetary influences reach a moment of culmination. Tension is in the air. Impetuous Aries is beckoning us to leap, while four planets simultaneously retrograde, encouraging us to be still and reflect. We have begun spring-cleaning—integrating and releasing previous karma and relationships before entering a new phase. Themes of awakening and letting go are percolating, mixing with the scents of early spring.


2017 has been a major year of transformation. A T-Square pointing to destructive Pluto has been rattling our world since early November, jolting us out of complacency and forcing us to face ourselves—our shortcomings as well as our limitless potential. On March 30, the T-Square was ignited once more as Jupiter and Pluto formed an exact square for the second time. In November, the first square elicited much shock and upheaval, coinciding with Trump’s election. The second square brought further shock, as the U.S. Senate signed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood; a massive fire collapsed a highway bridge in Atlanta; and hurricane Debbie continued wreaking havoc in Australia. As we feel the squeeze, it’s important to remember to relax and surrender to our souls’ sometimes-painful evolution. Resistance is futile, and this transit will best serve us if we choose to invite the intensity to move through us, working consciously with whatever arises.

Venus and Jupiter, planets of love and expansion, are continuing their backward march in retrograde. On April 5, Venus finally stations direct. On this day, Venus will join Chiron once again while squaring Saturn. These same angles occurred the final week of January. During this challenging week, Trump’s inauguration provoked fear and mayhem, and large numbers of people flooded the streets in protest. As these angles return, we will have to work with old pain and karma. The feminine is undergoing a process of healing in relation to society, government, and ourselves. Returning to Pisces, Venus will make sure we’ve learned our lessons around releasing misconceptions and illusions. We now have the chance to transmute the pain of past heartbreak into wisdom. We can remember that transcendent love is available to us always if we allow the pain of our wounds to arise without tightening our hearts or shutting down.

In April, Saturn continues to conjunct the Galactic Center. This is the source of maximum gravitational energy in our galaxy—the Sun of our Sun. The Universe is supporting our purification, helping us to let go of old patterns and belief systems that no longer serve us. Maybe we’ve convinced ourselves that masculinity is inherently flawed, that relationships are nothing but heartbreak, that we will never achieve our goals, or that we are unworthy. Whatever stories we’ve been telling ourselves, the planets are now stripping them away. In this crux on our journey, we have no choice but to work through fear and grasping—softening our tension and opening to the unknown. Luckily, this is the very path to awakening. Disappointment, chaotic politics, contention, and fear are all arteries that can lead to spiritual revelation.

The planets of femininity and masculinity are in mutual reception this month— with Mars in Taurus and Venus in Aries. We are dancing around a sweet spot, discovering ways that we can healthily merge the collective feminine and masculine. We are continuing to empower the feminine as a dominant force while remaining inclusive, forgiving, and compassionate.

As we weed through the soil of our souls and accept ourselves fully—as we celebrate our gifts while copping to our weaknesses—we are preparing for a big shift in May. The Nodes of the Moon will be moving into Leo and Aquarius, ending their journey through Virgo and Pisces—where they’ve remained for a year and a half. We are finishing up work around purification, boundaries, and addictions, preparing to move into an era of creativity and self-expression. In this new chapter, we will orient toward bringing our gifts into the world, playing and celebrating in ways that could benefit humanity.

As we lay the foundation for May, we might now reflect on how we would like to feel moving forward—how we could find a life path that makes use of our unique talents while connecting us to deeper meaning. This way, we will raise the world’s frequency one person, one little universe, at a time.

April Summary

In this pivotal month, we are taking the time to reflect, as four planets retrograde, encouraging us to review and release old heartbreak, karma, and illusions. As Venus stations direct, it will help us move forward with lighter hearts and increased compassion. Next month marks a shift of the Moon’s Nodes into Leo and Aquarius, ending a period of hard work and purification so we can bring our talents to the world in meaningful ways. With Venus and Mars in mutual reception, we are continuing to balance the energies of femininity and masculinity—learning at once to be forthright and loving, inclusive and strong. Jupiter and Pluto are forming an exact square, continuting to bring about truly transformational times. If we can find the courage to leap into the fire, donning spiritual armor while bravely facing uncertainty and intensity, massive rewards are waiting for us. All we have to do is say yes.

May the rain of April wash away our obstacles, helping us to become unstuck. May we find the courage to be as tender as baby lambs, bravely facing ourselves as we joyfully bound toward a new era.

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